Digital Repeater System

Note! The Yaesu System Fusion repeater (442.0375) will be taken out of service shortly for an upgrade.
Dated 11-13-2016

BARC Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X Repeater (in digital only mode)

D-Star is now active on the BARC Fusion Repeater.

D-Star Port: VE3RSB B
Gateway: VE3RSB G

It is normally linked to XRF005B and will return there if changed and no activity for 30 minutes.

Input FrequencyCallsignOffsetPL Tone FreqMake and Model
442.0375 MHzVE3RSB+ 5 MhzNot RequiredYaesu System Fusion DR-1X

Please view this video for a detailed explanation of what this device is capable of.