Publications under this menu include those of the BARC and collections from other sources on a number of subjects. Here are summaries of what you can expect to find.

Printed Circuit

The Printed Circuit is published periodically throughout the operating year from September to June. The Current Issue and several Previous Issues are available using the respective menu selections. Printed Circuit archives extend back to 2006.

Material for the Printed Circuit is always needed. Your submissions may be made to the Newsletter Editor by email.

Submit articles or ideas to the Newsletter Editor HERE.

Meeting Minutes

Both General Meeting and Executive Meeting Minutes will be published under this main menu.

Technical, Operating & Other News

Under this item you will find such things as technical articles, technology news, Ham radio operating information and news plus newsletters from any other radio club that chooses to send us a copy. As the library grows the collections will be organized under more specific categories.


The last menu in this category leads to the Swap Shop listing. Included are instructions about how to submit items for listing. Transactions may be conducted by contacting the listing individual by the method indicated with each item.