Basic Qualification Resources


The object of this page is to supply various resources in order for you to successfully pass the Basic Qualification exam as established by Industry Canada. We strongly recommend you obtain a copy of the Basic Qualification Study Guide. Please don’t be intimidated by what you see here. If you managed your High School science class, you can manage this. We have club members who will be happy to mentor you, should you have any questions. Contact the BARC Education Coordinator.

You can practice for the exam by going the the Amateur Radio Exam Generator page.

When you are ready, we also have an accredited examiner who will be available in order for you to write the exam.

See also, our Education page. So let’s get started and good luck.

The BARC acknowledges the contribution of Industry Canada, the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), the Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club (GBARC) and the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society (YARS), whose links, pdf and ppt presentations are found below. We would also like to thank the many YouTube presenters found on this page.


Introduction to Amateur Radio
Chapter 1

Radio Amateurs of Canada Getting Started (RAC pdf)
Why Amateur Radio (BARC page link)

Basic Electrical Theory
Chapters 2, 3 and 4

Getting Down to Basics (BARC Presentaion pdf)
Atomic Structure and Electrical Force (YouTube)
Conductors and Insulators (YouTube)
Potential Difference  (YouTube)
Ohm’s Law (YouTube)
What is a Resistor (YouTube)
What is a Capacitor (YouTube)
What is an Inductor (YouTube)

Wave Theory and Propagation
Chapters 5 and 6

Wave Theory and Propagation (BARC Presentaion pdf)
Electomagnetic Spectrum (YouTube)
Electrical Resonance (Wikipedia)
Wavelength (YouTube)
Propagation (YouTube)
Canadian Amateur Radio 0 – 30Mhz Band Plans (RAC link)
Canadian Amateur Radio 6M Band Plans (RAC link)
Canadian Amateur Radio VHF Band Plans (RAC link)
Canadian Amateur Radio UHF Band Plans (RAC link)

Transmission Lines and Antennas
Chapters 7 and 8

Transmission Lines and Antennas (BARC Presenation pdf)
Transmission Lines (YouTube)
Antenna (Radio) (Wikipedia)
Antenna Basics (YouTube)
Omnidirectional vs Directional Antennas (YouTube)

Active Devices: Diodes, Transistors and Tubes
Chapter 9

Active Devices (GBARC Presentation pdf)
Diode Tutorial
PN Junction (YouTube)
Transistor How it Works (YouTube)
How Vacuum Tubes Work (YouTube)

Power Supplies
Chapter 10

Power Supplies (GBARC Presentation pdf)
Transformer Tutorial (YouTube)
Rectifiers (YouTube)
Filters for Power Supplies (YouTube)
Circuit Skill Power Supply (YouTube)

Establishing and Operating an Amateur Radio Station
Chapters 11 and 12

Establishing a Station and Operating (BARC Presentation pdf)
RIC-22 General Radio Operating Procedures (Industry Canada)

Receivers, Transmitters and Interference
Chapters 13, 14 and 15

Receivers and Transmitters (BARC Presentation pdf)
Communication Systems (Wikibooks)
Interference (GBARC Presentation pdf)
Basics of Ferrite Beads (YouTube)
EMCAB-2 (Industry Canada link)