Basic Qualification Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions for BASIC Amateur Radio Exam to Start NOV 8, 2016

Times:  7 – 9 PM

Week 1: November 8
Chapter 1: Introduction to Amateur Radio
Chapter 2: Getting Down to Basics

Week 2: November 15
Chapter 3: Ohm’s Law

Week 3: November 22
Chapter 4: Inductors and Capacitors

Week 4: November 29
Chapter 5: Waves, Wavelength, Frequency and Bands

Week 5: December 6
Chapter 6: Propagation
Chapter 7: Transmission Lines

Week 6: December 13
Chapter 8: Antennas

Week 7: January 10
Chapter 9: Active Devices: Diodes, Transistors and Tubes

Week 8: January 17
Chapter 10: Power Supplies

Week 9: January 24
Chapter 11: Establishing and Equipping an Amateur Station
Chapter 12: Routine Operation of an Amateur Station

Week 10: January 31
Chapter 13: Modulation and Transmitters

Week 11:  February 7. 2017
Chapter 14: Receivers
Chapter 15: Radio Frequency Interference

Week 12:   February 14, 2017
Chapter 16: Safety
Chapter 17: Regulations

Week 13: Exam  Feb 21, 2017

Location: Sessions to be held at East Plains United Church 375 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON

Course Description:  Students will be expected to read the section from the Study Guide for the upcoming week.  If you have any questions or problems, attend the Mentor Sessions to get answers to your questions. Please see our Resources page for additional training material.

BARC is holding mentoring sessions which will parallel with Hackspace, [Hands on/discussion of practical points with Ham Radio], nights for some hands on practical experience.

We are planning to have these sessions on Tuesday Evenings which takes place in a separate room from HackSpace.  Should you have no questions for that particular week, you may wish go next door and partake in the activity at the HackSpace Meeting .

Experienced Licensed Amateurs are  available to answer your questions, so you will not be studying on your own but will have people to help you along.

There will be practical exercises such as How to Operate on the Air,  How to properly attach a connector to a piece of coax transmission line, Types of Antennas, Radio Equipment, Getting on the air.

Course fee $80 Plus BASIC STUDY Guide.  Early Bird Registrations [Nov 1/16], one week earlier $10 Discount.

If you have joined the Club at $30 Fee, you need only pay $50. A few have already paid the Full Course Fee. Download and submit your application.

Order your book  BASIC QUALIFICATION STUDY GUIDE 9th Edition at a cost of $45.00 plus mailing.

2 hours of mentoring for 10 weeks and includes a BARC membership and Exam Fee.

A minimum of ten students is required for this course to begin to cover room rental and material
expenditures. Students will be informed if the course has to be cancelled.

Please advise ASAP your intention to participate.


Norm Freidin VE3CZI

Education Co-Ordinator